Our visions and goals
Long Term-ism

We help customers over multiple years and multiples project. We match that by hiring people for the long term also, investing in their training, development and growth.

Seamless Collaboration

Once an engagement is up and running, working with TGA shouldn’t feel like working with TGA. It should feel like your simply added some very helpful people to your team.

Continuous Improvement

Across the business and the team we believe in looking for the little things we can do better every day. Incremental improvements day on day, week on week turn into major gains in the long term.


Respect for the work and each other. Good cultures make good collaborations and lead to good work. Politeness and decency are not optional.

How TGA can help you?
Different solutions and high quality service

We have decades of experience in delivering high quality software to tight budgets and deadlines.

We are a small highly competent team that have been working together for many years. We enjoy challenging agile projects and are largely technology neutral.

We can offer help to digital agencies by giving a hand in times of peak need. We guarantee high-quality, reliable, flexible software development from a mature and stable team with decades of experience.

We have also provided services to investors and acquirers in performing due diligence on organisations before they receive investment or are acquired.

We can help organisations diagnose problems with their existing technology as well as develop product and technology roadmaps.

Story of TGA and Founders
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1999 - 2005:

TGA Founders Paul Chudleigh and Mike Sastry work together on the senior team at lastminute.com.

2006 - 2010:

Other roles. Paul Co-founds Mydeco, Mike has a few head of eCommerce roles and consults independently.


Paul and Mike founded Conversion Science Ltd, a remote software development business, with an identical business and operating model as TGA.


Conversion Science grows to 33 staff and is bought by Zone Digital

Mar 2017:

TGA Digital Ltd is founded as Paul and Mike leave Zone.

March 2023:

At the time of writing TGA Digital has grown to 32 people including several team members who have been with us for almost a decade. And we continue growing and bringing more great people to our team.