Lucky Voice
Web and mobile development. Desktop development. Support and maintenance.
Sector: Leisure & Media
Type: Mobile App
Tech stack: Python, Wordpress, React, React Native, AWS

Lucky Voice is the UK's leading Karaoke brand operating venues throughout the UK and under licence in Australia and the Middle East. Lucky Voice also operates and sells online and mobile karaoke 'Sing at home' apps and products.

TGA's relationship with Lucky Voice dates back to 2012 when we stepped in for a few months of consultancy to support their in-house tech team when their CTO left. It has grown and deepened and is in some ways the model TGA client. Gradually over the years, we began to help them with some front-end development, then some QA and then some infrastructure and backend development. LV decided that we offered a better strategic solution than UK agencies, so for the last 10 years we have supplied their entire tech team supplying a consistent core team of developers along with the capability to add hands for peak periods and scale back in toughs.

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